Dial *99#: How will UPI work without internet and smartphones

How-will-UPI-payment-be-done-without-internet,-know-the-whole-process With-the-help-of-USSD,-banking-is-accessible-and-easy-for-all,-no-matter-whether-you-have-a-smartphone-or-a-feature-phone.-It-was-first-launched-by-NPCI-in-November-2012-along-with-BSNL-and-MTNL. Ever-since-the-option-of-UPI-payment-has-become-available-in-the-country,-the-problem-of-carrying-a-purse-in-the-pocket-has-been-relieved.-Now-UPI-payment-is-so-popular-that-from-big-malls-to-tea-shops,-many-UPI-payment-options-like-Google-Pay,-PhonePe,-Paytm-are-available-everywhere.-This-is-the-reason-that-now-most-people-have-stopped-keeping-cash.-However,-sometimes-it-becomes-difficult-to-make-UPI-payments-due-to-lack-of-internet.-Now-this-problem-has-also-been-resolved.-Yes,-now-you-can-make-UPI-payment-even-without-internet.-Let's-know-about-this-method... You-can-use-UPI-(Unified-Payments-Interface)-through-USSD-(Unstructured-Supplementary-Service-Data)-code-to-make-UPI-payments-without-internet.-With-the-help-of-USSD,-banking-is-accessible-and-easy-for-all,-no-matter-whether-you-have-a-smartphone-or-a-feature-phone.-It-was-earlier-launched-by-NPCI-in-November-2012-along-with-BSNL-and-MTNL-but-now-it-is-available-on-all-major-telecom-networks.-As-per-NPCI,-*99#-service-is-available-in-13-different-languages-including-Hindi-and-English.-This-service-is-provided-by-83-major-banks. Before-making-UPI-payments-without-internet-connection,-you-need-to-set-up-your-account.-For-this-you-have-to-dial-*99#-in-your-phone.-After-this,-you-have-to-select-the-language-and-give-your-bank-related-information-like-name-and-first-four-letters-of-IFSC-code.-After-this-you-will-get-to-see-the-list-of-the-bank-on-the-number-listed-in-your-bank.-You-select-the-payment-bank-from-this-list-and-enter-the-last-six-digits-of-your-debit-card-and-the-expiry-date.-After-this-the-process-of-UPI-payment-will-be-completed-without-internet-connection. You-can-make-payment-like-this To-make-payment,-you-have-to-do-*99#-in-your-phone-and-after-that-press-1. After-that-select-the-desired-option-and-enter-the-UPI-ID/Bank-Account-Number/Phone-Number. Now-enter-the-amount-you-want-to-send-and-the-UPI-PIN. By-doing-this-your-payment-will-be-successful. (Remember-that-for-using-*99#-service,-you-are-charged-Rs-0.50-and-with-this-service-you-will-be-able-to-do-transactions-up-to-Rs-5000.) Currently,-following-Financial,-Non-financial-and-Value-Added-Services-(VAS)-are-offered-through-*99#-service. Financial-Services Sending-Money-using-Mobile-No Sending-Money-using-UPI-ID Sending-Money-using-Account-No.-+-IFSC Requesting-Money-using-UPI-ID-/-Mobile-No. Non-Financial-Services Account-Balance Set-UPI-PIN Change-UPI-PIN Last-5-transactions make UPI payments without internet

With the help of USSD, banking is accessible and easy for all, no matter whether you have a smartphone or a feature phone. It was first launched by NPCI in November 2012 along with BSNL and MTNL.

Ever since the option of UPI payment has become available in the country, the problem of carrying a purse in the pocket has been relieved. Now UPI payment is so popular that from big malls to tea shops, many UPI payment options like Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm are available everywhere.

This is the reason that now most people have stopped keeping cash. However, sometimes it becomes difficult to make UPI payments due to lack of internet. Now this problem has also been resolved. Yes, now you can make UPI payment even without internet. Let’s know about this method…

You can use UPI (Unified Payments Interface) through USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) code to make UPI payments without internet. With the help of USSD, banking is accessible and easy for all, no matter whether you have a smartphone or a feature phone.

It was earlier launched by NPCI in November 2012 along with BSNL and MTNL but now it is available on all major telecom networks. As per NPCI, *99# service is available in 13 different languages ​​including Hindi and English. This service is provided by 83 major banks.

Before making UPI payments without internet connection, you need to set up your account. For this you have to dial *99# in your phone. After this, you have to select the language and give your bank related information like name and first four letters of IFSC code. After this you will get to see the list of the bank on the number listed in your bank. You select the payment bank from this list and enter the last six digits of your debit card and the expiry date. After this the process of UPI payment will be completed without internet connection.

Currently, the following Financial, Non-financial, and Value Added Services (VAS) are offered through *99# service.

Financial Services Sending Money using Mobile No
Sending Money using UPI ID
Sending Money using Account No. + IFSC
Requesting Money using UPI ID / Mobile No.
Non-Financial Services Account Balance
Change UPI PIN
Last 5 transactions


You can make payment like this

  • To make payment, you have to do *99# in your phone and after that press 1.
  • After that select the desired option and enter the UPI ID/Bank Account Number/Phone Number.
  • Now enter the amount you want to send and the UPI PIN.
  • By doing this your payment will be successful.

STEPS to use *99#

*99# FAQs

What will happen if I lose my cell phone?
If a person loses his phone, all he has to do is block his phone number. This way, no transactions can be started from the same phone number, which is part of device tracking. Any transaction would also require a UPI Pin, which should not be given to anyone.

Whether the *99# service works on both GSM and CDMA phones.
The service works with all GSM phones and service providers. At the moment, CDMA phones can’t use the service.

How many banks and TSPs offer *99# service right now?
On the NPCI website, you can click on the link https://www.npci.org.in/99-live-members to see a list of banks and TSPs that offer the *99# service.

If I change my phone number or handset, will I still be able to use *99#?
If your cell phone number changes, you have to give your bank your new number so that it can be linked to your account.

If you change your phone, you can still use *99# from your registered phone number.

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