Adipurush: A Disrespectful Portrayal of Hindu Culture

Misrepresentation of Hindu Mythology

“Adipurush” disappoints in its portrayal of Hindu mythology. The film takes liberties with the source material, distorting and misrepresenting important aspects of the stories and characters. This lack of respect for the sacred texts and traditions of Hinduism is deeply disheartening and shows a disregard for the cultural sensitivity that should be maintained when depicting such revered narratives.

Insensitive Treatment of Hindu Deities

The insensitivity shown towards Hindu deities is another glaring flaw of “Adipurush” The film trivializes and commercializes these divine figures, reducing them to mere caricatures for the sake of entertainment. This disrespectful treatment not only undermines the deep reverence that Hindus hold for their deities but also perpetuates a shallow and inaccurate understanding of their significance.

Lack of Cultural Authenticity

Superficial Portrayal of Hindu Traditions

Adipurush” fails to authentically depict Hindu traditions. The film superficially incorporates cultural elements without a genuine understanding of their significance. It becomes evident that the filmmakers prioritize style over substance, resulting in a shallow portrayal that lacks the depth and authenticity required to do justice to the richness of Hindu culture.

Cultural Appropriation

The film also raises concerns of cultural appropriation. Certain scenes and costumes seem to borrow heavily from Hindu religious rituals and practices, without properly acknowledging or respecting their origins. This appropriation diminishes the cultural heritage of Hinduism and reduces it to mere aesthetics for commercial gain, which is both disrespectful and disappointing.

A popular Ramayana story in which Lord Hanumana sets Ravana’s Lanka on fire received harsh criticism. Lord Hanumana is shown in the film saying, “Kapda tere baap ka. Tel tere baap ka. Aag bhi tere baap ki. Toh jalegi bhi tere baap ki”.

Lord Hanumana and Lord Sun Conversation

Dr. Kumar Vishvash shown in a youtube video that how beautiful is the language of Indian culture have with the help of a short conversation between Lord Hanumana and Lord Sun.

In conclusion,

“Adipurush” falls short in its treatment of Hindu culture. The misrepresentation of Hindu mythology, the insensitive treatment of Hindu deities, and the lack of cultural authenticity and possible appropriation undermine the film’s credibility. It is disheartening to witness such a disregard for the religious and cultural sentiments of a community.